Xiaomi Mi5 may have a pressure sensitive touch display

Apple iPhone 6s and its plus variant use a Force Touch 3D display which helps to differentiate pressures from a tap on the screen between light and hard tap. Depending the pressure, it will perform a certain function.


Xiaomi Mi5 is going to have a pressure sensitive touch screen display too. It is speculated that the company already may have patented a similar technology, therefore giving them the advantage to be the first Android phone maker with this feature. But it also should be noted that Samsung also has similar patented technology which could be applied on its Galaxy S7 and it may not take a long time for others to implement the same.

It is believed that Xiaomi may have partnered with Synaptics who owns ClearForce display controllers. These controllers enable smartphones to differentiate pressure when tapping the screen. Both companies did work on ClearPad S3708 controller for 3D touch display and side touch.

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