‘Night Shift’ Mode found in MacOS Sierra BETA Update

Warm tone profile for ease of use during long work hours

The recent MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 BETA update is providing an ‘f.lux like’ feature which changes your mac display’s colour temperature. This works by removing blue and white tones with warmer colours such as yellow.

The idea behind night light is nothing new but it seems popular with many users. Even MSI provided a┬ásimilar app for its Kabylake refresh gaming notebooks. The idea is to reduce eye strain during extended use as we would expect when burning the midnight oil. Since it’s in BETA, you’ll need a developer account.Night Shift is also available for iPhones and iPads since almost a year ago. It allows the user to either set a custom schedule to enable/disable night shift as per timings or toggle the options based sunrise and sunset.

Why not just F.lux?

As said before, this is not a new addon. The original is a cross-platform application called ‘F.lux’ which is already available for MacOS, but you can download for Windows and Linux. So if you don’t have a dev account, you can always use this one! Alas, this isn’t suited for those who depend on screen colour accuracy to work.

F.lux can be downloaded from here. There’s no update when will Apple release MacOS Night Shift for public use.

‘Night Shift’ Mode found in MacOS Sierra BETA Update from technology

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