Sony CEO dismisses claims of selling its mobile business and making in-house chipset

Not too long ago, a news was circulating that Sony will consider selling its smartphone business if it doesn’t see a profit by 2016. There were also rumours that Sony will be manufacturing mobile chipset in-house, therefore giving a competition to Qualcomm and MediaTek at some point…

Of course..if that was all true. During an interview to a Chinese based website, he cleared all the rumors and misinterpretations of his previous statements.

Recently, The Sony CEO Kazou Hirai clarified that they will never ever sell or exit from the mobile business. It was then said that what they meant to seek out ‘alternative options’ However, it was clarified how they plan to go out it. For the past few years, Sony has undergone many restructuring and employee cutbacks, not to mention selling its VAIO notebook business.

Mr. Hirai did say that there will be further restructuring, which means a decrease in production costs and expanding its product lineups in the hopes it will generate more sales.

The rumours of Sony making its own SOC chipset came along with a mention of LG’s Nuclun 2 SoC. But it was dismissed by Sony’s CEO, saying that they are not planning on stepping into the chipset business. The report came from Digitimes though judging by a complex technical expertise and business involved in SoC even with established companies, it’s not something where one could expect an overnight and consistent success. The article further claimed that according to the sources, since Apple, Huawei and Samsung used their own inbuilt SoC design to get more earnings and market share, LG and Sony Mobile would do the same.

Assuming that if profits are not favorable, will restructuring help Sony while keeping the mobile business at heart? Time will tell in the near future.

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