Samsung to release Galaxy Note 7 reports soon

Samsung Submits its report to regulatory board worldwide, soon to make it public

Samsung made a worldwide recall and later has to discontinue its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7. Many countries and transportation associations banned the handset due to safety concerns. The Korean-based company blamed the battery supplier when initial complaints starting coming in. But as replacement units were also prone to explosions, the company had to stop its sales entirely. The year 2016 was not good for Samsung as its Galaxy Note 7 phones and some of its washing machines were known to explode. This created second thoughts for its buyers and hence a loss of reputation and sales for the company.

Eventually, the company promised to release a detailed report to the public by the end of this year. For now, the company has kept Galaxy Note 8 plans on hold. It looks like the company will meet its promise as it started releasing its reporting to the regulatory bodies.

Suspected cause of explosion?

Samsung sent its complete report to the Korea Testing Laboratory and the American-based UL. It is suggested that it could be due to the lack of space between the handset and the battery. The reports come at the time when Samsung is found to be in talks with LG Chem as a new source for batteries. The smartphone maker has two battery suppliers- Samsung SDI and a Chinese-based company Amperex Technology. Insiders say that the chance of the deal getting finalized is close to a 90% and these will be in handsets by the 2nd half of 2017.

Samsung recalled 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 units during September. By October, Samsung axed Galaxy Note 7 from retail as replacement units were also prone to explosions. Replacement units were found to be using Amperex batteries. While this mishap is related with Samsung, all users and companies alike would be keen to read Samsung’s findings. Battery-related explosions occurred in several devices and even cars.

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