Samsung concludes Note 7 Investigation: Finally blames it on the battery

Samsung assures that this will never happen again!

It wasn’t a no-brainer that the cause of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s explosion was the battery. But for every company to learn from its mistakes, it was important to find a fault. This will help smartphone makers to learn from mistakes and to create new safety checks. The South Korean based manufacturer is able to confirm and release an official statement.

The company said,”Our investigation, as well as the investigations completed by three independent industry organizations, concluded that batteries were found to be the cause of the Note 7 incidents.” Samsung Mobile Communications president Koh Dong-Jin apologized and accepted full responsibility not identifying the battery design problem.

Initial reports.

Samsung blamed the batteries earlier when the Note 7 explosion reports was fresh news. While it was a ballpark assesment, it wasn’t conclusive enough. The investigation revealed that initially sold Note 7 phones were made by its affiliate Samsung SDI Co. while its second maker was Amperex Technology. However, Samsung referred to them as ‘A battery’ and ‘B battery’ during its press conference.

Samsung is now preparing to launch its Galaxy S lineup of phones. Its certain that this will give closure to its users and the company to work for its future. How badly its reputation is damaged to affect its purchase decisions remains to be seen.

Battery Analysis

Samsung detailed its findings about the failure that caused explosion. Both manufacturers had its own factors will resulted in the problem. The ‘Battery A’ design did not allow a lot of space internally which resulted in bending the negative electrodes and hence putting pressure on its separator. The problem started in the area called ‘Jelly Roll’.

Batteries from Company B were the ones that was provided as a replacement during the recall. Initially, it was assumed that these replacements were safe enough to be used. Unfortunately it had its quality issue where the insulation tape was missing resulting in short circuit. To make matters worse, the wielding points in its battery lead resulted in higher chance of battery puncture. Its unfortunate yet strange that Samsung was not able to enforce quality checks strict enough to identify problem with its replacement units.

The cost of recall

Samsung did not disclose its cost to recall initial and its replacement units worldwide. It’s safe to speculate that the effort to recall twice is not an easy task which damages the reputation of its brand. This also damages the reputation of battery makers which are usually smaller companies. It would be interesting to see how independent makers for batteries will now perform as devices as pushed to become slimmer, larger and carry more battery life.

Samsung concludes Note 7 Investigation: Finally blames it on the battery from technology

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