OnePlus aware of its flawed Type C USB cable, will provide refunds

When Google’s engineer Benson Leung went on a personal mission to review USB 3.1 Type-C cables, the results were very surprising. Even more surprising when he found out that One Plus 2’s pre-bundled USB Type-C may damage the charger, hub or even the system’s USB port when using fast-charging. What makes it  risky is that this cable is available seperately for purchase. Until now, many people were under the impression that OnePlus 2’s pre-bundled cable is well within the standard’s specs. Therefore, many have assumed that everything should work just fine.

Not according to Leung’s findings.

OnePlus USB Type C 10K Ohms

Recently, the company admitted that its pre-bundled cable Type-C is not made as per USB-IF’s 1.1 specifications. The company did assure that the cable will cause any issue when used with its One Plus 2, which doesn’t have a fast-charging option. But when it comes to other Type C mobile devices, it may damage the device and the port from the where the power is supplied from. Although One Plus agreed to refund the money of the customers who bought the cable separately, it will not replace or provide any refund for the cable that is bundled with the OnePlus 2 itself.

The USB Type-C 1.1 specification requires the cable should use 56K Ω resistor, but the OnePlus 2 uses a 10k Ω. At the end of the day, its the device that will pull power from the charger through the cable. If the device which meets the specification pulls power from the charger and the cable that doesn’t, it could just end up damaging the device and the charging port/PC port or even cause an electrical fire. What’s disturbing is that OnePlus did not have disclaimer while selling the standalone cables.

The findings that Leung made here was no different with OnePlus’s Type C cable. If you purchased this cable for other Type C based phone such as Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P, the device will try to draw 3A from a cable which is made for 2A.

The standalone cables need to be returned by December 31, 2015. For North American and EU customers, they’ll need to fill up this form and the refund will be credited through PayPal. For India and China, customers of the standalone purchase will get the money once it’s returned to the nearest OnePlus repair center.
On the bright side, OnePlus Co-Founder Carl Pei said that his team is working on a Type C cable with a 56K Ω resistor. For the existing cable, the following table was presented:

oneplus type c cable

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