Nvidia Shield x1 Tablet details leaked via GFXBench

Nvidia announced earlier this year that they will be working on a new Tegra SoC and that the successor of the green team’s first Shield Tablet would be coming out by March. That didn’t happen. It did however relaunched Shield Tablet as Shield Tablet K1.


But it seems that there is a working product with Nvidia. An Nvidia prototype tablet with its Tegra X1 SoC was spotted in GFXBench’s database, along with the details of the product itself.

The device is running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow by default, with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1200 with an 8″ screen that has a limitation of 5 finger gesture support. The Nvidia Tegra X1 seem to be having a Quad Cortex-A57, clocked at 1.9 GHz. However, Nvidia specified that its Tegra X1 SoC that will be using it’s Maxwell architecture will use four A57 cores for performance, and four A53 cores for efficiency.

The device is using a 3GB memory and a 32GB ROM storage.

The Shield X1 is having a number of sensors with an exception to a barometer, NFC and Proximity sensor. To be fair, prototypes usually undergo many changes and improvements once an end product is formed. But as of now, the price of the device is something one can make wild speculationsĀ unless the details are conveniently leaked at some point.


It should be noted that Nvidia claimed that its Tegra X1 will provide double the GPU power compared to its previous Tegra K1. The Tegra K1 is currently used in devices like its original Shield tablet, Google’s Nexus 9 and the Xiaomi Mi Pad. It is assumed that the Nvidia Shield X1 tablet will be available by the end of this year. As of now, there are no benchmarks, except the details of GFXBench.

In any which case, Nvidia is pushing mobile gaming in a way you would like to expect from a desktop gaming chip maker. Eventually, many flagships or even portable gaming devices will have this chip around. If Nvidia will make its own end product in the future once this trend picks up is something that we’ll all need to wait and watch.

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