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Nexus 6P’s qfuse makes a permanent mark for unlocking bootloader

Nexus makers don’t look too happy with people modifying its phones by unlocking bootloaders, rooting its phones and a lot more. It is recently found that Huawei-manufactured Nexus has a ‘qfuse’ which will make a permanent mark on the 6P device if its bootloader is unmarked.

The presence of a qfuse was found on the Nexus 6P and reported in Reddit. As one can see from the ┬áimage, it shows Qfuse Status as ‘enabled’, hence the device permanently marked. Unlike software indicators, this isn’t something that you reverse should you decide to revert.

Nexus 6P

It should bee obvious that Google is trying to identify and maybe have some restriction if a device us unrooted and the bootloader is unlocked in the name of security, especially considering they have released a list of strict security requirements for Android 6.0 ‘Marshmallow’. But as a result, this would bring a sour experience among its enthusiasts who love the Nexus devices mostly for ease of unlocking bootloaders and rooting the device, starting from the Nexus 6P. Unlike most Android phone makers, Nexus has a very large community of users of different skillset and even developers. Many speculate that Google made this implementation because at some point the company will have to ensure to close any potential vulnerability so that banks and its ‘non-power users’ will be more confident on using its payment services.

Although this isn’t something that Google revealed officially, nor Google mentioned anywhere that blowing its qfuse on the Nexus 6P will void the device warranty. It still acts as a permanent marker should anyone choose to do so. But to be fair, this also probably is because to ensure certain apps are rendered useless for security purposes, something like Android pay or any payment services.

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