Latest iOS updates unbricks iPhones affected by Error 53

Not too long ago, it was reported that many iPhone with Touch ID devices were bricked due to Error 53, an error which generated post iOS updates at the time due to third party repairs of the devices. The reason that Apple gave at the time was that to prevent any unauthorised party from repairing the phone, specifically with the Touch ID sensor. Apple deems such phones are not secure to be used, as it would affect Touch ID and Apple Pay.
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Eventually, Apple had to unbrick it due to a surge of complaints. The company issued the following statement:

This reports as an Error 53 in iTunes and appears when a device fails a security test. This test was designed to check whether Touch ID works properly before the device leaves the factory.

Today, Apple released a software update that allows customers who have encountered this error message to successfully restore their device using iTunes on a Mac or PC.

We apologize for any inconvenience, this was designed to be a factory test and was not intended to affect customers. Customers who paid for an out-of-warranty replacement of their device based on this issue should contact AppleCare about a reimbursement.

Its latest iOS 9.2.1 update will unbrick phone affected by the Error 53. The only catch, however, is that Touch ID will seize to function. While Apple’s security concern about the Touch ID is warranted it’s nice to see (for a change) that its devices are not completely rendered useless and make them into a very expensive paperweight. For those who can’t update their devices affected by Error 53 can refer to this link. This way, people can make the decision accordingly- whether they want to repair their iPhone at a lower cost via third-party repair centers at the cost of having its TouchID disabled- or let Apple, Inc. take care of it.

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