Intel is working on LTE chips for iPhone 7

Apple is preparing iPhone 7 for the next year’s launch. As it turns out, chipset maker TSMC may start the manufacturing process for the Apple A10 processors, therefore replacing Samsung. But now it’s known that Intel is working very hard to make an LTE chip which is also in the race against Qualcomm. It’s been said that Intel assigned as many a 1,000 people to speed the process to make the 7360 LTE chip, hoping it topple Qualcomm 9X45 LTE chip.

It is also known that Apple would like to have the LTE chip integrated on the 10-series SOC. That said, the LTE technology license belongs to Intel. It could be a mutual benefit considering that Apple would be interested in Intel’s 10nm fabrication process to make smaller chips. The current A9 SOC is based on 14nm.

If things work in Intel’s favour, Qualcomm will find it difficult to go over Intel in the mobile LTE modem chip market. Intel gained a foothold when it purchased Infineon that made 3G modem SOC for Apple iPhones until 2011 when it was officially sold. While there isn’t any official contract signed with Intel, it is known that Apple engineers have been traveling to the facility in Munich, Germany to work on the chip’s optimization. The company also hired some wireless engineers that developed Intel’s LTE chip.

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