Intel axes Broxton SOC and SoFIA for smartphones

Intel made an announcement that will be cutting off Broxton SoC and SoFIA (Smart or Feature phone with Intel Architecture) projects. SoFIA was meant to an x86 SoC with an onboard 3G radio to compete as a low-cost SoC for entry-level smartphones and feature phones (hence its name) fabricated by TSMC.

One of the reasons Intel is banking on IoT is the potential to expand in a field with little to none established competition. Whether this would affect Intel’s attention to the PC market which mostly will affect the DIY market from low-cost to high-end enthusiast and server user base is something we’ll have to see in the distant future.

Intel said this will result in freeing up Intel’s resources to work other modern tech and 5G. The chipmaker added:

“Intel is accelerating its transformation from a PC company to one that powers the cloud and billions of smart, connected computing devices. We will intensify our investments to fuel the virtuous cycle of growth in the data center, IoT, memory and FPGA businesses, and to drive more profitable mobile and PC businesses. Intel delivers a broad range of computing and connectivity technologies that are foundational to this strategy and that position us well to lead the end-to-end transition to 5G. Our connectivity strategy includes increased investment in wired and wireless communications technology for connecting all things, devices and people to the cloud, and to power the communications infrastructure behind it. We re-evaluated projects to better align to this strategy.”

The cancellation of Broxton does not affect other Atom units such as Cherry Trail which is used in Microsoft Surface 3. Recently Intel also cut its 12,000 workforce that counts as 11%. Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich made a blog post at a much earlier date, saying the company’s strategy is to transform itself from a PC company to cloud and IoT, followed by memory, programmable solutions and 5G technology.

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