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PlayStation 4 kernel exploit vulnerable to Jailbreaking

Devs found exploit in PS4’s kernel and published its code in GitHub Developers Specter and Team Fail0verflow have found a new exploit in Sony PlayStation 4’s v4.05 kernel where it allows to run arbitrary codes. Therefore, enabling anyone to use PlayStation 4 to run pirated games and homebrew software/games. This would be a headache for any games console maker, let ...

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Amazon Prime launches HDR10+ Streaming with Samsung

Amazon Prime HDR10+ Content available only for Samsung OLED TV Owners Amazon Prime launched its HDR10+ streaming videos of 100 tv shows and movies as a part of Samsung’s premium offering for its televisions. According to Samsung, this will be the first time a service is providing HDR10+ video streaming content. With Amazon Prime Videos as its partner which owns ...

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Ataribox Indigogo pre-orders delayed indefinitely

The early adopters for the modernized Ataribox game console from an Indigogo campaign were supposed to start shipping in the December, 14th. But Atari has sent an email to its early adopters, saying that they have canceled its plans. Expected delays from similar campaigns Various companies and individuals selling products and items via Kickstarter and Indigogo campaigns usually have delays ...

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Netflix update provides support for microSD cards for offline content

Offline Netflix Content can be stored in microSD Cards Netflix has made a recent update where its Android mobile app has the ability to store offline content in microSD cards. It was recent where Netflix provided an update where iOS and Android devices can store content for offline viewing. This is a relief for many types of users. While some of ...

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Next-Gen Nvidia Shield uses a new game controller design

Nvidia Shield likely to appear during CES 2017! It is expected that the refreshed version of Nvidia Shield Android TV during CES 2017. That might be true as some of its images have been leaked. While there are no specifications mentioned, the images give a good idea about the upcoming device. Specifications According to some reports, the upcoming Shield Android TV ...

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