Freedom 251 image on the site is much different from the real handset

The writer from The Times of India revealed Ringing Bells’ Freedom 251, a phone which spread across far and wide for its cost of Rs. 251. Though we may not have all the info, but it should be good enough to know what people will get.

According to the images shared by the writer for The Times of India and The Hindustan Times, it’s not the same phone as Ringing Bells is advertising in their website. According to Ankit Chawla, one requires an Aadhar card to purchase this phone priced for Rs. 251. It was also said that the picture on Ringing Bell’s Freedom 251 website is a marketing ploy. Okay…

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It should be noted that the images used to be advertised in a newspaper are pretty much as the picture above. It’s really strange why would Ringing Bells use an image of another model which is displayed on their website. Hopefully, the hardware specifications are not different from what its advertised.

The Freedom 251 phone is a 4″ IPS display with 960 x 540 resolution. It features a 1.3GHz (from Qualcomm, according to BGR India) quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB Storage ROM, Micro-SD support of up to 32GB. The primary camera is a 3.2-megapixel camera with a VGA secondary cam. It uses an Android 5.1 Lollipop OS. It does come with a good (and useful for people from certain professions and requirements) apps pre-loaded on the phone.

Credits to Ankit Chawla for sharing these images in NGF Community Facebook group.

Edit (17.02.2016): Its turns out that the Ringing Bells has a lot to answer about certain inconsistencies of information about its Freedom 251. Recently, it is posted in The Hindustan Times that not only the Freedom 251 review unit had multiple problems, but looks like an iPhone’s clone. The image that was posted earlier did have the name ‘Adcom’ on the phone, but alas we missed to notice that! Whoops!!

Not only that, the company has allegedly used a whitener to cover up a logo name ‘Adcom’. Upon inspection, Adcom is a Delhi-based importer selling its relabelled phones many e-commerce websites. By the looks of it, the phone is an ‘Adcom Ikon 4 White’ that’s priced for Rs. 4,081 at Flipkart. The plot thickens further when a Ringing Bells spokesperson claims that they have not seen the phone. Furthermore, Adcom’s marketing head Deepanjali Arora said that they have no idea about its branding being hidden away under Freedom 251’s branding.

NDTV’s Gadget 360 also posted multiple pictures of Freedom 251 but didn’t seem to have noticed the whitener on the phone.

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