Ataribox Indigogo pre-orders delayed indefinitely

The early adopters for the modernized Ataribox game console from an Indigogo campaign were supposed to start shipping in the December, 14th. But Atari has sent an email to its early adopters, saying that they have canceled its plans.

Expected delays from similar campaigns

Various companies and individuals selling products and items via Kickstarter and Indigogo campaigns usually have delays in shipment as the least worst case scenario (the worst case scenario is OUYA). The gaming company said in its email that they’ve made the decision to delay Ataribox shipment is to create a platform and ecosystems its community deserves.

Atari’s Reasoning

Atari gave the following vague statement:

Earlier this week, Atari announced that it would be launching its crowdfunding campaign the Ataribox on 14 December, but just days the firm has been forced to tell prospective customers that pre-orders have been delayed indefinitely.

Having a retail quality product for the early adopter is not an easy task. Since this is a gaming platform with an old and loyal community base. Atari also has to convince IP owners of the retro games to get into its console’s bandwagon so that there will be good choices of games at the time of shipment. There’s a good possibility of Ataribox becoming a good retro gaming system rather than just another nostalgic trinket.  Because of such delays, the spring launch date might also be delayed. Though nothing is known about that as of now. The early adopter pre-order shipments are delayed indefinitely.

About the Ataribox

The Ataribox will cost between $250 and $300 US price range, with early adopters obviously getting discounts. It uses an AMD SoC and a Linux-based operating system. It will be curious to see if the delay is got to do with anything relating to updating the hardware, especially with AMD’s Ryzen dominance and Ryzen 2 announcement.

Ataribox Indigogo pre-orders delayed indefinitely from hardware

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