Apple to pay $234 million for university patent infringement

A federal jury in Wisconsin found that Apple did infringe on the patent that was once held by the University of Wisconsin, now under the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. As a result, the company will have to pay $ 234 Million. This amounts to 7 cents per device.

iphone 5s

What’s interesting is that according to the court documents, the WARF could have asked Apple to pay up $862 Million which would work out to $2.74 per patent infringed device. But the 7 cents per device was from a 2008 settlement made between WARF and Intel which turned out to be $110 million.

But it seems that WARF’s lawyers aren’t disappointed by it. WARF filed the case against Apple on January 2014. At the time, it was alleged that one of WARF’s patents was used to create Apple’s processor that is used in the iPhone 5s in 2002. It involved Apple A7 Processor, followed by A8 and A8X.

It’s noteworthy that if the Jury found that Apple intentionally infringed on WARF’s patents, the amount to pay up as damages would have been tripled.

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