Amazon Prime launches HDR10+ Streaming with Samsung

Amazon Prime HDR10+ Content available only for Samsung OLED TV Owners

Amazon Prime launched its HDR10+ streaming videos of 100 tv shows and movies as a part of Samsung’s premium offering for its televisions. According to Samsung, this will be the first time a service is providing HDR10+ video streaming content. With Amazon Prime Videos as its partner which owns exclusive shows such as The Grand Tour and others, owners of Samsung QLED and Amazon Prime service can access the content of this quality.

“We are thrilled to announce HDR10+ content for consumers,” said Sang Yoon Kim, Vice President of Smart TV Business Development at Samsung Electronics America. “The launch marks the first opportunity for consumers and the industry to experience HDR10+ technology through a streaming service.”

“We’re dedicated to offering Prime Video members the best possible viewing experience, and we are very excited for our members around the world to experience our content in HDR10+,” said Greg Hart, Vice President of Prime Video. “The viewing experience of HDR10+ combined with Prime Video’s award-winning content is ushering in a new era of entertainment for consumers on these devices.”

The benefits of HDR10+ Streaming

The HDR10+ format is an open standard announced in April. Because of this, it provides higher brightness levels and shifts whenever a scene is bright or dark. This is achieved when the metadata is embedded in the video and will be done on a scene-by-scene, frame-by-frame. This way, Amazon can provide best possible viewing experience- via Samsung premium OLED displays. This should be eventually introduced in other displays, but best with TVs that show the best possible viewing experience.

Amazon Prime launches HDR10+ Streaming with Samsung from technology

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