Airtel India’s Myanmer Terrestrial Fiber Link is now live!

Optic Line between India and Myanmar!

As on December 9th, Bharti Airtel was able to bring the terrestrial optical fiber link between India and Myanmar online. According to the telecom company, this is the first link between the countries. According to Airtel, this will help its company to reach a population of 53 million in Myanmar. The country’s economic reforms have been driving investments in multiple sectors and therefore increase in ICT services. With this line, the company can provide a global, cost-effective and scalable internet connectivity for mobile and broadband subscribers in Myanmar.

The country received bids from Axiata, Digicel, France-Tel, KDDI, Millicom, QTel, SingTel, Telenor and Viettel. Currently, the country requires 15,000 telecom towers and thousands of kilometers worth of fiber optic infrastructure.

Ajay Chitkara, Director & CEO-Global Voice & Data Business Airtel Global said, “The activation of this link will not only boost the connectivity and propel a growth of digital services in Myanmar. But is a major addition to the local IT infrastructure for the market. This will also enable us to offer secure and robust connectivity solutions to enterprises, locally.”

Benefits for Airtel

This will now serve as an additional gateway through India as the country uses submarine cable for accessing the internet. It hoppes that this move will bost connectivity within the SAARC nations. The fiber optic cable link stretches 6,500 rkm and connects to stations placed in Mumbai and Chennai. As of now, this is the company’s third largest international cable hookup in the SAARC nation. Earlier, Airtel has similar connections with Bangladesh and Nepal.


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