Unreleased LG G5 to get a touch-enabled Quick Cover

Just before the official launch of the LG G5, the company’s flagship is going to have a touch-enabled Quick Cover case for it. Who would have thought?


Though LG says that for the smartphone that ‘does not officially exist’, it did talk about its glossy metallic finish touch enabled Quick Cover. According to the sources, it will allow its users to take calls and control the phone’s alarm settings for starters. Judging by the images, it’s a semi-transparent quick cover with conveniently cut-out window for displaying time, date and certain notifications. Most likely the feel of the Quick-Cover is textured, but we’ll know for sure if and when the upcoming device and its add-on is out. It should be noted that the LG G5 will be having a secondary ‘Always-On’ display as well.

There isn’t any information about the additional cost of this cover, but both the phone and this cover will be revealed on February 21st, and displayed at the Mobile World Congress between 22nd to 25 of the same month.

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